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´╗┐Call For Papers    2012-01-08




Call for Papers for Jan-Apr  2014

Asian Journal of Medical and Clinical Sciences


Dear colleague,

As the  Editor of Asian Journal of Medical and Clinical  Sciences.  It is a great pleasure to invite you to submit an article to the Journal.

The journal brings together material from a wide range of disciplines and sectors, including:


  • ·         Medical Sciences
  • ·         Clinical Sciences
  • ·         Nursing Sciences
  • ·         Dental Sciences
  • ·         Therapeutics
  • ·         Medical Technology
  • ·         Veterinary Sciences


 You will receive a comprehensive and fair peer review within just three weeks from submission. Our instructions to peer reviewers require them to provide a fair, balanced and constructive assessment.

  When your submission is received, it will be subject to an initial assessment to ensure it is ready for peer review.  After peer review is completed an editorial decision will be made on its suitability for publication on the basis of two peer review reports. Your paper will be published as soon as it is ready. 


Our Journal Service advantages

  • Fast ,Fair & Comprehensive Peer Review process
  • Professional Author Service
  • Extensive Indexing and abstracting
  • Decision of the manuscript within three weeks
  • Immediate publication of accepted articles


Contact :

Karthikeyan M


Asian Journal of Medical and Clinical Sciences

E mail